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Podcast on Multilingual Learners: Knowing Your Students and Research

SRI Education’s Carrie Parker sat down with Ruchika Chopra of the Urban Collaborative to discuss Carrie’s research and reflections on policies and practices around identifying and supporting multilingual learners with disabilities in kindergarten to third grade.

Resource: Multilingual Learners: Knowing Your Students and Research Podcast Episode

SRI’s director of Multilingual Learner Program Area, Carrie Parker, co-hosted this episode and shares reflections from work she has done over the last five years to better understand how teachers in grades K-3 identify disabilities among multilingual learners.

Bilingual Education Research: How to connect in a culturally relevant way with Spanish speaking families

When I arrived in the United States, I was not quite eight, and did not know how to even say “hello” in English. All I knew was that education was my opportunity to live a better life, and that I had to learn English to access it.

Resource: Research to Practice Brief: Delivering on the Promise Through Equitable Policies

This brief focuses on current research trends and implications for racial and ethnic disparities related to early childhood. It highlights policy choices to reduce disparities and set children and families on more favorable trajectories, contributing to their school success and ability to live happy, fulfilled lives.