CCNetwork: Supporting Pathways to Multilingualism

April 2024

By Anne Partika

Child sitting at laptop

The National Comprehensive Center, funded by the US Department of Education, partners with educational agencies to improve instructional quality, promote the use of evidence-based practices, and improve educational outcomes for all students. In December, the Comprehensive Center’s Multilingual Learner Work Group met with Melissa Castillo from the Office of English Language Acquisition (OELA) to learn more about how OELA is championing multilingual education for all students. Explore this blog by SRI Education’s Anne Partika, which includes video excerpts from the conversation with Castillo, to find out how OELA is driving initiatives like the “Being Bilingual is a Superpower” campaign to empower educators, students, and families on the paths to multilingualism.

Read the full post on the Comprehensive Center Network website:

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