Supporting English Learners through Technology: What Districts and Teachers Say about Digital Learning Resources for English Learners Volume I: Final Report

This report describes data collected in school year 2016–17 to learn about the use of digital learning resources in instructing EL students through a nationally representative survey of districts that enrolled EL students and a teacher survey that included mainstream teachers of EL students and EL specialists, and inlcudes six case studies to provide illustrative vignettes and practitioner comments, a toolkit to inform educators on the rnage of digitila learning resources and considerations in using digital learning resources for EL students, and a toolkit to inform educational technology developers about recommendations for improving digial learning resources for instructing EL students.

Citation: Zehler, A. M., Miyaoka, A., Chaney, B., Orellana, V., Vahey, P., Gibney, D. T., Yee,K., & Yilmazel-Sahin, Y. (2019). Supporting English Learners through technology: What districts and teachers say about digital learning resources for English Learners. Office of Planning, Evaluation and Policy Development, US Department of Education.

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Topics: Content accessibility Dual language instruction Elementary English language development High school Middle school Report Research Resource