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Podcast on Multilingual Learners: Knowing Your Students and Research

SRI Education’s Carrie Parker sat down with Ruchika Chopra of the Urban Collaborative to discuss Carrie’s research and reflections on policies and practices around identifying and supporting multilingual learners with disabilities in kindergarten to third grade.

How empowered do multilingual students with disabilities feel to make their own choices?

In a recent descriptive study of high school students who are multilingual learners (MLs) with disabilities, SRI researchers found that these students attribute fewer self-determination behaviors to themselves than MLs without disabilities or students who are not MLs.

Educators talk about identifying disabilities among multilingual learners

Many teachers struggle with identifying disabilities among multilingual learners. How can they determine whether a particular child’s learning difficulties stem from typical English language development or a diagnosable learning disability?

Resource: Resources for Determining Special Education Eligibility of English Learners 

From 2017 to 2020, REL Northeast & Islands staff worked with state and local partners in the region to learn about the policies and practices they use to identify disabilities among English learners and to provide resources to implement key policies and practices at the district, school, and classroom levels. The resulting resources can be … Continue reading Resources for Determining Special Education Eligibility of English Learners