Bilingual/Biliterate Instruction for Bilingual Youth (BBILY) Evaluation

Diverse kinders

SRI Education is leading an external evaluation of bilingual professional development developed by faculty from Santa Clara University and San Jose State University. The National Professional Development Program of the Office of English Language Acquisition has funded this 5-year project to develop bilingual professional development for in-service teachers, pre-service teachers, and student caregivers. The project will provide professional development in both Spanish and English that focuses on biliteracy in language arts and mathematics, culturally and linguistically responsive practices, and research-backed practices to improve outcomes for multilingual learners. SRI will lead the external evaluation, which includes a formative component to provide ongoing feedback to developers and a summative component to estimate the impact of BBILY on students of teachers who participate in workshops.

Learn more about our work with BIBLY: Valuing and evaluating an único bilingual professional development program – BBILY

Project Leaders: Sara Rutherford-Quach, Elisa Garcia, Carrie Parker, Mindy Hsiao, Katherine Necochea Tinco
Years: 2021 – 2026

Topics: Bilingualism Elementary English language development Evaluation Middle school Professional development Project Research Teacher Quality